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Fresh/Newly Approved

You can build a brand by your own. For that we will provide you a freshly or newly approved website. A fresh website offers you an opprtunity to mould it as the way you like in every manner.

Established/Earning Websites

Taking over a runnung or pre-earning website is a good choice. We can provide you that with brandable name. You can take over the earnings and can hike them as per your desires.

On Demand Approval

Some of you might be holding your desired domain which you wants to get approved in Google News, we can do that for you in your desired edition like in US Edition, UK Edition or in India Edition.

Tech Assistance

We also provides assitance for any Google news website, we love tech support. We peep out the bugs and errors then will fix them all for you. This will ultimately hike your revenue.

Why Google News Website ?

Google news approved domains are on top of indexing, revenue genartion & authority


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Prime Benefits

A google news approved website is much bigger than any other. Each of the news stories makes it to the 1’st Page of Google News in a few minutes after being published! There is no dependency on keywords and you will be able to rank higher than other sites through the “Top Stories” section of Google Search. This ultimately results in a good flow of real-time traffic on site and hence the revenue of website is much higher than normal websites.

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Service One

We are best in after sale submit. We are completely user-friendly in support and assistance.

Payment options

We accept payment via PayPal, Wrie Transfer, & Pioneer.


Each client is connected via thread of happiness and we don't believes in making web.


Buying a news website is just an act of few minutes. We are always ready to serve our clients.

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