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How To Get Your Website Approved in Google News

If you are looking for the information for getting searching for “How can I get my site approved by Google News?”, then this is article is for you. It will explain you detail information on preparing your website for Google News submission.

Google News is all about indexing quality news from thousands of news websites around the globe. Google News was developed to collect timely news from various news sources around the world into Google News index. Google have developed algorithm will works very well and collects news from thousands of news source on Internet. Various machine learning and artificial intelligence software is being used by Google for managing such a huge news collection in proper category. Google News then servers these news to the users around the world based on the users location and preferences.

Latest relevant Google news also appears in the Google organic search engines and it gives huge clicks to the established news publishers around the world. Google News application is also available for various mobile devices which cover wide variety of Internet users.

Currently Google News only supports text news, but it also displays the videos in the Google News section if its news video. So, the power of Google News is unlimited which news publishers around the world are tapping to get more views on their published news.

In recent years Google News has been updated to leverage real power of latest machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies to better server News to users on Google News portal/Google News mobile applications. Google News uses latest advancement in technologies to server most relevant news to the users based on their location and preferences.

Google News is able to determine the News type, quality, relevancy and authenticity with the help of various algorithm developed by Google News team. Google News then display the news based on its quality in appropriate section and place.

So, the high quality and authentic news is the key to get approval in Google News and rip the benefits of being a News Publisher. Quality and timely of News determine the success in Google News.

Google News selects the news content which is timely updated, authoritative, based on current events and written in journalistic standard. In nutshell Google News is looking for news and it prefers timely reported news content for their users.

How to get news website approved in Google News?

Now let’s see how you can get your news website approved in Google News index by following the steps described here. Here are the steps for getting your news website approved in Google News.

Step 1: Create your News Website

First steps are to select and register a domain for you. You should select the domain name which is related to news or current events and name suggests that it is a news domain. Then register the domain with any of the domain registrar. Purchase a hosting space, map the domain there and install WordPress CMS on your website. Then buy news/news paper template for your website, install it and make changes in your website so that it looks a news website. Then add your authors, privacy and contact details on the website. Now your website is ready to take news content.

Step 2: Add enough latest news content

The next steps is to write news content for your website, you should do original reporting and generate original news content for your website. Write your news content as per Google News standards and publish daily at least 2-4 news per day. Once you reach to 200 marks in 2 months you are ready to submit your website in Google News index. Before submitting it for approval you must check your website for technical errors and cross check website readiness with the checklist we are providing below in this article.

Step 3: Check your website for technical errors

Next step is to check your website for technical errors which might stop your website from getting approved. Google News uses the automated software which checks for updates on all the news websites which is included in Google News Index. Software used by Google crawls new and updated content from the approved websites. These crawled content are then indexed in Google News index and the automated process is powered by various algorithms developed by Google. Google is also using machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide better results to web users.

Google crawler also evaluates websites on various technical parameters. So, it’s necessary to make your website error free and much useful for your visitors. Here in this section we are discussing the important technical guideline.

a) You must have permanent URL for each article published on your news site

For each news you are publishing on your news website you must create a permanent and unique url. This url should have permanent content and you should not replace a publish name with some other news on this url. Small editing is acceptable but changing whole news is not allowed.

In short you should give unique and permanent url to each news published on your news website.

b) Display new articles/stores on the home page

On the home page of your news site you must display the images and text (headlines) by categorizing in different sections. You must provide link in headline to article page. You can also give link in the images, but Google prefers the links in the text. Google News crawler may skip the link on image but it will crawl the link on the text. So, its necessary to display the headline and then link it with the news pages posted on your website. 

c) Formatting of news/article page

News article page should be well formatted with HTML tags and you should not use pdf or documents in case of HTML page. Google won’t index news from pdf or word document files. So, you article page should be developed in HTML with the proper formatting of headlines, author details, date and comments sections.

d) The robots.txt and Meta Tags must allow Google News crawler

The robots.txt and Meta Tags should not stop Google crawler from crawling and indexing your websites. So, double check and make sure there is no such issue with your website.

e) Avoid multimedia content

Currently Google News is not indexing multimedia content such as audio and video. You can always embed multimedia content in your pages, but it must be related to the news content. You can use multimedia content to enhance the importance of your news but text content is the first thing Google News looks for and indexes.

f) Create Google News Sitemap

You should also consider creating the Google News sitemap for your website if possible. If you are using word press then it can be done in the admin panel of Word press.

g) Enable SSL on your website

These days Google search engine recommends using the SSL on your website and it helps in getting higher ranking in the Google Search results. You should use SSL on your website to get more rating from Google. SSL certificates are also very import as it secures your website.

Step 4: Verify your work with Google News approval check list

You should verify with your work with following checklist:

a) You have designed your website to look like a news sites.

b) You have created authors section on your website.

c) You have given contact details of authors

d) Privacy policy and contact page on your website

e) You have added more than 100 news on your website

f) Your site meets the technical guidelines

If above things seems ok you can proceed for the submission of your website in Google News.

Step 5: Apply for Google News inclusion

Now finally its time to submit your website to Google News Publisher centre for review and approval. The Google News Publisher Centre!Google News Publisher Centre provides an interface for the news publishers to submit your site for review and inclusion into Google News.

So, visit Google News Publisher Centre! and you will see the following screen:

In the bottom of this you will find the link to “Verify site in Search Console” as shown below:

Click on the “Verify site in Search Console” button and follow the instruction to verify your website owner ship. Once owner ship is verified you will see the list of your website as shown below:

Reqeuest inclusion in Google news

Now you should click on the “Request inclusions in News Index” button and then follow the steps to request for inclusion of your website in Google News as shown below:

request inclusion in google news form

After feeling the form submit it and then check it after 10-15 days. Google will review your news website and include in its News Index it complies with the Google terms. If your site is included in Google News index then it will display “Included (News Index)” in front of your website.

Step 6: Create Google News xml file

You should create Google News xml file for better visibility of your news.

Step 7: Add news daily to your site

Once your site is indexed in News should add at least 2 high quality news to your website.

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