Google News: All you need to know about world’s biggest news network

Why you should buy a Google News Website?
July 16, 2019

Google News: All you need to know about world’s biggest news network

Google News

We all know who is the multi-millionaire large tech giant company in the whole world. Any guesses?? Yes, that is Google!! Google LLC is formed as an American technology company which was launched in the market to establish its name in the internet services, various advertising fields and many more. Larry Page was the founder, and now Sundar Pichai is currently designated as the CEO of Google.

This Company did not want to stop and expanded its wings with different products offered by Google such as Google Documents popularly known as Google Docs and then E-mail known as Gmail was started. Google Drive, Google +, all are various products of Google. Another fantastic product is Google News which is rapidly evolving with time. We saw Google news as a seedling about 15 years ago on September 2002.

Google News

Advantages of Google News

Google News is an apt product which is liable for aggregating all the news around the world at the same place. There are thousands of publishers, publishing their content on Google and other search engines. That news which is unique and authentic is picked up the Google News and shown as the continuous and customizable flow in the Google News; It is also an app which is available on Android, iOS and all on the web.

Earlier people used to pick up the newspaper which comes in their house daily and then they enjoyed it with the tea in their spare time. Now the world is moving towards the digital trend, and everything is possible with the one to click then why not news can come digitally to our home and direct to our mobile phones. It was indeed a marvellous concept and the perfect USB which led Google to take over the market and make a unique place of the brand.

The world is so diverse and how come it is possible for everyone to read and understand the same language which Google News will use, so to eradicate this problem the Google News comes in 35 words which cover the diversity all over the world.

So if you want to get the exposure of the essential daily news, then you have to go on the same website – This link is going to take you on the platform created by Google for getting all the compliant news. This product comes with several benefits. First of all, it has columns differentiated merely. You are going to see the headlines first which is listed as Top stories, and then it has the new section named as For Yoy section which will give the brief information about the five top stories, It can be a blend of news which comes from locally or from the international platform.

Along with that, it has several other categories which are imbibed in Google News such as World, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, and Science. Earlier one health section was also there but after the recent update Health section has been removed from the Indian Edition and US edition is still carrying that category. New visual formats called newscasts, which is helping you to give the collection of articles, quotes on the single topics.

The option of Full coverage will help us to know about the depth of the story which is recently published. Newsstand which was independent product has now been merged to the Google News. Among lakhs of websites publishing the news, only the good sites get the chance to enrol their sites into the Google News and then whenever they publish some articles, within seconds it gets picked up the google and listed automatically into the Google News. This gives a lot of benefits to the readers as they read only the relevant and trustworthy news from the good websites aggregated by Google News as told earlier on the same site.

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