Consider these points before buying google news websites

Why you should buy a Google News Website?
July 16, 2019

Consider these points before buying google news websites

Google news website is worth it and is a dream of many bloggers as everyone knows the potential of Google News. Not everyone gets the chance of fulfilling the dream of their website getting enrolled in the Google News then they find the alternative of buying Google News websites which are pre-approved and then they work on their speciality to earn bucks.

There are some preventive measures which you should consider before purchasing any Google News Website.

First thing you should think about why someone is selling their hard-earned Google News Website. It is true that not everybody will be playing games and fooling us but taking preventive measures and thinking wisely will ultimately benefit us.

Some of the reasons for selling the Google News Website could be that publisher has many websites and he is not able to handle all the websites properly. Or maybe the AdSense for that particular site is blacklisted and that is the reason behind selling his Google News website.

The second thing which comes up is the loyalty factor and if the site is being penalised or not? There are for sure some genuine reasons for the publishers to sell their website but sometimes they sell because they want to get rid of the penalized website. Be so alert about choosing the domain which you are purchasing. If the domain is fresh then the chance of that being penalized is less and you can surely go for that. But if the domain is older than 6 months then there is a slight risk that the site is being penalized and hence displaying FOR SALE tag on it.

You can prevent this fraud by asking the seller about the webmaster and analytics access. Then you will be able to see the pattern of traffic, the website is getting or the traffic is regular or not.

The third thing appears as you should check clearly that to which region the domain has been approved as if you are going to cover the news of U.S. on your blog then there is no benefit of purchasing the website of U.A.E edition. You should ask the seller to show some proof about the region of approval.


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